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Star47HM GSoup of the Day (served with crackers) Cup of soup, bowl of soup or add a cup to a meal.
Campbell's Soup Classic Chicken Noodle or Tomato
House Beef and Bean Chili Beef and Beans in a savory chili sauce with tomatoes and onions. Served in a cup or a bowl. Add cheese for extra cost.
Chili-Cheese Crunch

A large serving of Frito* Brand Corn Chips smothered with melted cheese and our house chili, top with cheddar cheese.

Sour Cream available upon request.

Onion Rings
Shoestring Fries Add chili and/or cheese for extra cost.
Colossal Fries Add chili and/or cheese for extra cost.
Vanilla coated Sweet Potato Fries  
Chicken Strips  Basket Four Chichen Tenders served with Shoestring Fries and Dipping Sauce.
Side Orders
Onion Rings

Cole Slaw

Sweet Potato Fries
Side Salad
Shoestring Fries
  Colossal Fries