Mikes On Main Historic Plaque. Mike's On Main restaurant in Hendersonville, NC has a rich history and an unique 50's style ambiance and decor.

Mike's on Main in Hendersonville, NC is the most photographed restaurant and perhaps the most photographed building in Hendersonville, NC.

The Coca-Cola mural on the side of the building was recently repainted by a painter that was sent down from Charlotte, NC by Coco-Cola to repaint the mural.

The building was built in 1900. It was built and operated as a pharmacy by Dr. William Hicks Justus until 1957 when it was sold to Dr. Albert Beck and his brother Bill Beck. Justus Pharmacy installed and operated the first soda fountain in Hendersonville, and it still operates as the only soda fountain in Hendersonville.

William Hicks Justus was born just west of Mud Creek. Dr. Justus was a Pharmacy graduate of Vanderbilt University and became a druggist in 1882.

Dr. Justus and Dr. Columbus Few opened the drug store at 218-20 North Main Street (one of the four oldest buildings in Hendersonville). Dr. Justus moved to the building now occupied by Mike's On Main Street in year 1900. Dr. Justus purchased the interest of Dr. Few in 1909 and continued as the sole proprietor. After running the business almost half a century, Dr. Justus left the business to his son and retired at the age of 74.

At some point the first soda fountain was installed. It became a gathering place for young people, especially during the summer. Thus, the first "soda jerks" were trained and developed. The combination drugstore and soda fountain, which earned the reputation as the most elegant pharmacy in Western North Carolina, still has the original tile floors and high, ornate ceilings. Antique soda bottles, old menus and the original pharmaceutical scales can still be seen.

In 1957 the business was sold to Dr. Albert Beck and his brother Bill, who were uncles to Quay. The Beck family owned the store until 1993 when the Pharmacy was merged with Revco Drug stores.

From 1993 through 2004 the Danielsons owned and operated the Soda Fountain and Sandwich Shoppe under the name "Days Gone By".

In 2007, Patty Adamic leased the building and operates the restaurant and soda fountain under the name "Mike's On Main".

Mikes on main Memorabilia from the 1950's. Today, the soda shop remains filled with Justus store artifacts, such as the original register and apothecary glass jars. A 1950-1960 style juke box plays 1950-1960 songs in the rear corner and the selections are free -- on a first-come, first-serve, basis. The right side of the soda fountain has a row of 7 stools from 1935 where, as in days gone by, a patron can sit, eat, and sip on a coke, ice cream soda, or milkshake -- including malted milkshakes.

Justus Pharmacy was in business for 110 years (1882-1993) and remains one of the oldest continuously operated businesses in the United States. It was called "The Old Reliable Drug Store" for its dependable, extra service; especially for filling prescriptions at any time of the night.

The birth of the "soda fountain" occurred in drug stores like Justus Pharmacy to provide ginger ale, and other drinks, to allow patrons to "wash down" the pills. It soon evolved into a place to meet others; especially for young people of dating age as it provided a friendly and safe environment to meet and socialize.

Visit "Mike's On Main Street" for a step back in time with old fashion food, treats, and ambience that will take you back in time when days seemed fun and carefree. It can almost be therapeutic.

Mike's On Main Street

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